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Session 3

3:40 pm ET to 4:30 pM ET

Telling Your Spartan Story via My Spartan Story
Presentation by: Harnoor Kaur (she/her/hers) & Alaina Rubenacker-O'Dell (she/her/hers)

Ever wondered about how your involvement outside the classroom can tell the story of who you are? With the launching of My Spartan Story and the Spartan Experience Record, you can now show your story and see how your identity, involvement, and you intersect with each other to show the whole you!

Margins of the Margins: Expand Your Definition of Woman
Presentation by: Camille Hollenquest (she/they) & Oprah Jrenal (she/her)

What does "woman" mean? Who gets centered and who gets left out? Join us to explore the margins of the margins of what it means to be a woman in the movement toward liberation. How do we need to change in order to create the future we working toward?

The Role of Self-Care in Feminist Activist Leadership
Presentation by: Damaris Crocker De Ruiter (she/her/hers)

Prioritizing self-care and encouraging care for others in our communities is how we can thrive together to promote positive social change. This presentation will focus on the importance of self care and care for others by providing a brief history of care in activism, self-care tips and plans, and goals for setting boundaries in order to be our best activist selves! 

Islam and Feminism: From the Perspective of Muslim Women
Presentation by: Areeba Nadeem (she/her/hers) + Panel

This workshop aims to raise awareness on the compatibility of Islam and feminism, the myriad of ways Muslim women exercise their agency via their identities, and overall emphasize the importance of hearing Muslim women voices, and how Islamic feminist discussions cannot move forward without starting from Muslim women's experiences. This is especially important with how Muslim women undergo different experiences of Islamic feminism regarding their racial, ethnic, or immigrant status. There will be a panel of Muslim women who will discuss their interactions with their identities within the framework of feminism.

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