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Shiksha Sneha


Shiksha 2.JPG

Shiksha is an incoming senior studying Political Theory and Public Policy. She has been active in the immigrant rights space and in her free time, she likes to watch TV shows and cook for her family and friends.

Lexie Hampton


Lexie 2.JPG

Lexie is a Junior studying Public Policy and is on the Pre-Med track. Lexie is also an avid writer and enjoys writing educational articles in her free time.

May Lopez

Budget Committee


May is a second year Masters student studying Student Affairs Administration. She also enjoys learning new languages!

Danielle James

Marketing Committee


Dani is a Junior studying Human Capital and Society & Public Policy. In her free time, she enjoys watching Fruits Basket, a Japanese anime from the early 2000's.

Grace Sacoman

Marketing Committee


Grace is a Junior majoring in Creative Advertising. She grew up competing in and studying the sport of Dressage. She loves her lifelong teammate, Leonardo, dearly.

GiGi Shannon

Operations/Logistics Committee


Gigi is a Junior at MSU studying Economics. She once was stranded in Dublin, Ireland, for a day with no flight home!

Loren Kruger

Operations/Logistics Committee

IMG_5001 (1).jpg

Lauren is a Junior studying Social Relations & Policy with a minor is Sociology. She also loves the salted caramel truffle ice cream that the MSU Dairy Store offers!

Naseeb Bhangal

Assessment Committee

Naseeb 1.JPG

Naseeb is a West Coast native living in Lansing, MI, in pursuit of her doctoral degree. Running & beatboxing are some of her hobbies!

Karlee Moxley

Assessment Committee

Karlee Moxley.jpg

Karlee is an alum of MSU’s SAA graduate program and works as a Community Director for REHS. She loves to bake and enjoys trying out new cupcake recipes in her free time.

Autumn Dietrich

Assessment Committee

WILD Photo.jpg

Autumn is a second year Master’s student studying Student Affairs Administration. In her free time, she enjoys powerlifiting and can actually deadlift more than her body weight!

Fei Li

Curriculum Committee


Fei Lee is a Senior studying Elementary Education. Because she didn't grow up in a city close to the beach, she visits Florida any chance she gets!

Cami Hancock

Curriculum Committee


Cami is a Senior studying Arts and Humanities (RCHA). She is also in the process of getting her Italian Citizenship!

Shruti Pandey

Curriculum Committee


Shruti is a Sophomore studying Political Science and Business Management on a pre-law track. She has a major passion for dancing and has been performing since she was three years old.

Heather Shea


Heather 1.JPG

Heather is WILD's amazing advisor in conjunction with Gabby Wahla! She inspires young womxn to become the leaders they were always meant to be!

Gabby Wahla



Gabby is WILD's beloved advisor in conjunction with Heather Shea (they make the best leadership duo for planning our WILD conferences!) She is currently working at WSS

as a graduate assistant.

The WILD Conferences we have the opportunity to host and promote each year would not be possible without each and every one of our hardworking, dedicated planning committee members.

A special thank you to our advisors, Heather Shea and Gabby Wahla, Co-Chairs, Lexie Hampton & Shiksha Sneha, Marketing Committee members Grace Sacoman & Danielle James, Budgeting Committee member May Lopez, Operations/Logistics Committee members Gigi Shannon & Loren Kruger, Assessment Committee Members Naseeb Bhangal, Karlee Moxley, & Autimn Dietrich, and our Curriculum Committee members Fei Li, Cami Hancock, and Shruti Pandey.

Interested in joining WILD? We'd be happy to have you!

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