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Doing Feminist Transformational Leadership within the University RESIST

Dr. Lucy Thompson, Assistant Professor, Psychology; Senior Research Fellow, Center for Gender in Global Context & Dessie Clark, Doctoral Candidate in Community Sustainability; Managing Editor for Gendered Perspectives on International Development

Ontario Room

In this session, we consider how notions of ‘successful’ leadership can be reimagined in local and global contexts. In dialogue, we reflect on our recent experiences working together as editor and author for a Special Issue exploring ‘Feminisms and Leadership’, and our work at Michigan State University’s Center for Gender in Global Context (Gen Cen).


More on Lucy:

Lucy Thompson is a feminist psychologist with interests in work, institutions, and power. Her current research is focused on developing feminist psychological perspectives on work, organizations, and leadership.


More on Dessie:

Dessie Clark is currently a doctoral candidate in Community Sustainability. Her area of interest is gender-based violence and its impact on health outcomes for survivors. 

Building a Community of Strong Social Support  (RE)IMAGINE

Jaimie Hutchison (she/her/hers), Lifespan & Family Services Coordinator at MSU WorkLife Office

Erie Room

During busy or challenging times at in your life, people may say, "Just let me know if you need anything." Sometimes it feels like an empty offer for help. Other times it can be hard to figure out exactly what we need. Join us for an interactive presentation about building a strong community of support. Find out how you can be a good friend and how you can build a strong network of friends around you. That way, you'll know how to identify what you need and who can help you accomplish that goal.

More on Jaimie:

Jaimie Hutchison is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Global Career Development Facilitator with over 20 years of experience working to empower women. Jaimie has her MA in Community Counseling and works to empower people to reach their goals.

hutchison_JH_headshot - Jaimie Hutchison
Lucy MSU pic - Lucy Thompson.jpg


Women in the Intersection of Food and Social Justice  (RE)IMAGINE

Emma Hayes (she/her/hers), Graduate Intern at the LBGT Resource Center, Masters of Social Work student

Michigan Room

I will talk about women who are pioneering the field of food in social justice, from food therapy, to sustainable agricultural practices, to food justice and access. I will talk about the importance of centering food and nutrition in the future of social services and social justice and the ways in which that can be done.

More on Emma:

Emma is a first year Organizational and Community Leadership Masters of Social Work student. She attended the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill for undergraduate, and is a North Carolina native. She has always loved to cook and bake and is excited for a future career in a food-centered social work practice. 

fullsizeoutput_2c1c - Emma Marie Hayes.j

Resilience as Resistance RESIST

Dr. Portia Watkins (she/her/hers), Assistant Director of Student Life, Student Organizations and Activities

Superior Room

In this session, we will define resilience and the many ways that it can manifest in our lives. We will look at several examples of resilience in recent history and society and discuss how the practice of regaining resilience can be viewed as forms of resistance.  Through engagement in this session, participants will be able to: self–define resilience, set personal and professional boundaries for resistance, and build capacity for enacting resilience in one’s own life.

More on Dr. Watkins

Dr. Portia Watkins (she, her, hers) is an Assistant Director in Student Life for Registered Student Organizations and Late Night Programming. She earned her bachelor‘s degree in Communication Studies from EdInboro University of Pennsylvania, her masters from Indiana Wesleyan University, and her doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests include: Black Women professors and Staff in higher education, Othermothering, Black Feminist thought, Critical Race theory, group dynamics, access in higher education, social justice, supervision and assessment. In her spare time she enjoys reading, napping, catching up on Netflix, and spending time with her family.

Portia Watins headshot.jpg

Designing Your MSU Workshop   (RE)IMAGINE

Christine Beamer (she, her, hers), College of Music Director of Career Services & Samantha Jackson (she, her, hers), Career Consultant in the College of Social Science

Huron Room

Let’s be real: college is a big investment of your time, talent, and money…so, how will you make the most of your MSU experience? This interactive workshop will help students begin to answer this question, and many others like it (e.g., What kind of life do I want to live? Which careers am I going to pursue? How can MSU help me reach my goals?). This session will offer sets of innovative “life-design” tools and exercises to help students imagine the kinds of lives they want to live…and how MSU can help them get there.

More on Christine:

As MSU College of Music Director of Career Services and Music Entrepreneurship, Christine works with music students to develop their portfolio career plan, identify skills and abilities, and match them with needs and opportunities in the arts. She has created and developed MSU’s Running Start music entrepreneurship program, including an annual arts entrepreneurship workshop series, a pitch competition for music students, the Entrepreneurial Musical Artist in Residence program, and new entrepreneurship classes for music students. She also serves as faculty for MUS101-Foundations for Success in Music. 

More on Samantha:

Samantha is a Career Consultant for the College of Social Science. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Alma College and a Master of Science in Higher Education from the University of North Dakota. Samantha is passionate about helping students navigate through their career decision-making process to find purpose and is focused on making career services and the career process more inclusive and equitable for all students.

beamer headshot - Christine Beamer.jpg
samantha_jackson_CDO - Samantha Jackson.



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