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Frequently asked questions

What does WILD stand for?
WILD stands for Women*s Initiative for Leadership Development.

When and where is the WILD 2020 Conference?
The 2021 WILD Conference will be held at the MSU Union on Saturday, November 3, 2021.


Who can attend this conference?
Any students, staff, faculty, or alumni in the MSU community that are interested in leadership development associated with gender equity.

How much does it cost to attend WILD 2020?
It's completely free!

How do I register for the WILD Conference?
Registration will open in Fall 2021.

I do not identify as a woman. Am I allowed to attend this conference?
YES! The goal of the WILD Conference and Women*s Student Services is support all students in working toward an empowering and equitable community on campus.

What should I wear to the WILD Conference?
Business casual attire is recommended, but not required. Keep in mind you will be doing some professional networking, and there will be an opportunity for headshots to be taken.

I have questions about this conference. Who should I contact?
You can contact Women*s Student Services with any questions at - we would love to help!

How do I stay up to date with this conference?
You can stay up to date with us through FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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